PAOLI, Pa. (October 23rd, 2019) – The tires on your Wrangler have a direct impact on how and where your Jeep will operate best. Whether your Wrangler is strictly a daily driver or sees mud, rocks, and sand more than a few times a year, selecting the right tires for your Jeep can make or break your next off-road or on-road trip.

Choosing your next set of Jeep tires does not have to be complicated so to make it easy on Wrangler owners everywhere, the writers at ExtremeTerrain (XT) have assembled their definitive guide to choosing Wrangler tires.

From stock tire size charts, to lift kit and tire size compatibility, to tire load ratings, XT’s tire guide has everything you need to know no matter where you decide to take your Jeep!

View it here:


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