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Whats up NJJA!
My wife and I after years together wanting a Jeep finally were abel to buy one a couple months ago. And its none other than the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon! And we love it! Best vehicle we have ever bought!!! We joined the NJJA about a week ago and we even attended the last meeting at the winery. Me a few people and had a good time. 

About myself. 
    I travel for work from state to state. My family and I like in a camper and they travel with me wherever my job takes me next. Could be the next town over, could be California. Never really know. So I guess you could say we are nomads. NJ just happens to be were Im working currently and seems like we should be here for about another year. Our plan is to join a Jeep club wherever we end up for a decent amount of time. And hit the trails at every opportunity and meet new people everywhere we go. We are super excited to start this journey as Jeep owners and add that extra bit of excitement to our already crazy lives. We look forward to meeting more of the NJJA.
We have a trip to Rausch next month...Trailfest


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