PAOLI, Pa. (October 1St, 2019) – When it comes to lifting a Jeep Wrangler, there are several factors to consider before selecting the perfect lift kit. Aspects such as use, budget, and tire size are important to keep in mind when “jacking up” a Jeep. With a variety of options and ways to elevate Jeeps, from budget spacer lifts to complete Wrangler suspension kits, the volume of aftermarket support can become inundating.

To clear the air on this topic, the writers at ExtremeTerrain (XT) have compiled multiple generations of Wrangler lift kit information into one robust, technical resource answering the most popular questions like, “How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Jeep?”, to, “When do I need a new Driveshaft?”. Loaded with visual assets like color-coded infographics, video, and lift & tire combination charts, XT’s definitive Jeep Wrangler lift kit guide will provide the knowledge and confidence to lead any Wrangler owner to new heights!

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