Hard Top Shopping | New Video

ExtremeTerrain Breaks Down the Options for Jeep Wrangler Owners


PAOLI, Pa. (September 16th, 2020) – ExtremeTerrain (XT) newest video helps Jeep owners narrow down their options when shopping for a hard top. XT host, Meredith Evasew reviews three popular options showing the hard tops installed on a JK model. Each of the styles highlighted in the video are also available for other generations including YJ, TJ and, JL.

Customers in the market for a more traditional, square-back design will want to consider a one-piece hard top. The one-piece is a cost-effective option for Wrangler owners who don’t need or want all the extra features common to other hard tops. Meredith highlights the fully carpeted interior liner of the black, one-piece hard top which provides insulation as well as sound control inside the cab area. Next up, is the two-piece hard top. The front panel can easily be removed for open-air driving. Meredith shows the DV8 Off-Road Ranger Hard Top installed on the JK, drawing attention to the carpeted interior, shock-assisted rear window, tinted windows, and back light. Finally, Wrangler owners who are really looking to stand out will want to consider the fast back/slant back top. What the angled back takes away in terms of cargo space, it makes up for in the way of handling and efficiency. The black, two-piece slant back hard top shown in the video also comes with the carpeted interior, shock-assisted rear windows, and a removable front panel. This option is also available to two-door owners however, the slant will not be as exaggerated as the four-door.

XT’s new hard top review video keeps Wrangler owners rolling with all the right information they need to make the best choice. The video has been added to XT’s hard tops page where customers can check out Wrangler profiles and navigate to product pages for a full selection of hard tops and other quality aftermarket parts and accessories.


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RedRock High-Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust | Review & Install

Upgrade Tutorial for 2018-2020 Wrangler JL Models


PAOLI, Pa. (September 9th, 2020) – ExtremeTerrain’s (XT) newest video is a review & installation of the high-clearance, cat-back exhaust from RedRock 4×4. The step-by-step tutorial shows 2018+ 3.6L Jeep Wrangler JL owners how to upgrade the sound and performance of their stock exhaust. The video is now included as part of XT’s in-depth exhaust tech guide.

Hosted by XT’s Meredith Evasew, the video begins with sound clips from both inside and outside the vehicle. With a 4/5 on the loudness meter, the RedRock exhaust will increase the volume and deepen the tone, while still being bearable inside the cab area. Meredith recommends this high-clearance system to “to anybody who’s doing a lot of rock crawling, and, again, wants to minimize any damage to their exhaust and wants to keep everything up and out of the way.” She explains that the 409 stainless construction makes this an affordable option over a higher quality 304 stainless. Even so, it will outperform the factory exhaust and provide years of use with proper care.

The installation takes an average of 2 hours to complete. Meredith outlines the tools needed before taking the viewer through the entire process. After removing the factory exhaust, she stops for a side-by-side comparison to the RedRock cat-back exhaust, summarizing the key benefits of the upgrade. Meredith continues with the full installation of the new exhaust wrapping up with a clear visual of the newly installed hi-tuck system from all angles.

The RedRock cat-back review and install video is a welcome addition to XT’s exhaust tech guide. The guide addresses the ins-and-outs of exhaust upgrades covering all the basics including high clearance exhaust systems, dual-tip systems, exhaust spacers, and more.

View it here: https://www.extremeterrain.com/upgrading-wrangler-exhaust-explained.html



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ExtremeTerrain Releases New Jeep Doors Video

Breaks Down 4 Popular Door Options for all Gens

PAOLI, Pa. (August 11th, 2020) – ExtremeTerrain (XT) launches a new video aimed at helping Jeep JK, YJ, TJ, and JL owners in their quest for the best aftermarket door. XT host Sara Riordan, breaks down 4 of the most common door options, outlining the features and key considerations for each one. Sara demonstrates each door on a Jeep Wrangler JK, explaining that all four options are available for other gens on ExtremeTerrain.com.

Sara begins with the first option, the half door.  As the name implies, the lower half is generally of solid construction, while the window area is left open to the air.  This popular door is for Jeep owners looking to change out their standard doors for a more classic look.  Next up is the tube door. This low-profile door is ideal for those who like to go doorless, but want a door with extra protection and substance. The third option is the trail door or adventure door. Sara describes this door as “one step up from the tube doors, with added protective features for those…who want a little more standing between them and the trail.”  And finally, the full fabric door is a 2-piece lightweight door that’s easy to install. The half-door can be used alone or along with the window section for a bit more protection. Unlike the other doors, the fabric doors can be pulled off mid-trail and stored in the back of the Jeep thanks to their small storage footprint. 

Armed with a T50 socket, a ratchet, and some know-how from ExtremeTerrain.com, Jeep owners have what they need to swap out their factory doors for one of the four popular categories outlined in the new video.  2-door Wrangler owners are also covered since most options sell the front and rear doors separately.  For those looking to beef up their doors, go for a unique look, or become one with the trail, XT’s new video promises to guide them through the research stage with ease.  

View it here: https://www.extremeterrain.com/wrangler-jeep-doors.html


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New Video Gives Jeep Owners the Edge on Soft Top Shopping


PAOLI, Pa. (July 21, 2020) – ExtremeTerrain (XT) has released a new video aimed at helping Jeep Wrangler owners choose the best soft top just in time for their summer adventures. The video is an upgrade to XT’s comprehensive Jeep tops tech guide covering everything needed to help customers shop, swap, maintain and winterize their top with confidence.

The video begins with XT host, Meredith Evasew breaking down four kinds of soft tops. She shows them installed on Jeep JK’s and JL’s along with an overview on the benefits of each design. As Meredith points out, the tops are available for every generation and can be found on XT’s website. Customers can choose from a complete replacement soft top — great as a warm-weather replacement or for those who have damaged or broken hardware on their current top. The next style is a replacement style soft top. “This is for the Jeep owner who already has a soft top installed on their Wrangler and just wants to replace the fabric if their frame is in good condition.”  If Jeep owners are looking for extra sun protection, Meredith urges them to consider installing a mesh top to stave off damaging UV rays while still allowing light and air to pass through. The last style Meredith reviews is a bikini top or brief top. While not a complete replacement top, the bikini top offers both light and weather protection and often involves the use of a header for installation.

Choosing the right top is a big commitment. With all the options out there, the new video helps Jeepers feel better equipped to choose a top that works best for their rig.  It’s a welcome addition to the vast array of information already available inside XT’s Jeep tops tech guide.


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Drew’s 2010 Jeep JK Build & Reveal – Throttle Out


“Drew didn’t really ask for much. He wanted some lights, a stereo, a soft top …We heard you (Drew) and I think you are going to be really pleased with what we’ve done to your Jeep”

– Joe

PAOLI, Pa. (June 30, 2020) – The North Carolina chapter of Make-A-Wish® Foundation (MAW), has teamed up with Turn5 (T5), home to ExtremeTerrain (XT), to grant a wish to a local teenager. Drew is a high schooler from North Carolina, who loves listening to music, spending time with his friends and of course off-roading in his Jeep. When presented with the opportunity to receive one wish, Drew chose to have his Jeep overhauled. The off-road rig was in great shape with some minor mods already, there was plenty of room for improvement both inside and out.

The first order of business was maintenance once the Jeep hit the XT shop. XT’s master overhauler, Joe, took care of all the big maintenance items including a new rear main seal. With that out of the way, the team got to business with all the top of the line goodies. Some of these parts included a Flow Master Exhaust, Poison Spyder Bumpers, Fuel Wheels, JKS 3.5 Inch Lift, and a full JL Audio Sound System.

After countless hours spent on the Jeep, Drew’s Jeep was revealed to him on his doorstep. As a result of social distancing guidelines, MAW and the XT team delivered the Wrangler on a MAW wrapped tow truck following a huge parade of friends and family who came out to show their support.

Watch it here: https://www.extremeterrain.com/throttleout-june-2020.html


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ExtremeTerrain.com is a leader in aftermarket Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma and Tundra parts and accessories. Located just outside Philadelphia, PA, ExtremeTerrain provides Wrangler, Tacoma, and Tundra owners with fast shipping and enthusiast-level, award winning service, while also ensuring the conservation and protection of off-road trails. Visit http://www.extremeterrain.com



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